Desktop PC Repair Services

Zepps Home Computer Desktop PC Repair Services are rated among the best in the country.  Desktop Computers are still my recommend means of Home All in One Desktop Computer Repaircomputing for just about every personal use and industry application.  Desktops are engineered to give you the most space for your internal components to cool and work properly. You also are able to get the newest and fastest generation of processors first in a desktop. Many Laptop versions of CPU’s are less powerful then their Desktop PC counterparts due to the need to address heat exchange issues and lack of space for cooling. Plus the keyboards on a laptop in my opinion do not hold up to the look, feel and functionality of a separate keyboard peripheral.  Many of the new Desktop PC you can by as the one pictured on the right are made more like a laptop with less room for upgrades and proper cooling.  I do service these as well but in most aspects these are more similar to a laptop.  Some of the repairs I perform on Desktops are as follows: PC Optimization, Malware and Virus Removal, Video Card Repair, Motherboard Repair, Power Supply Unit Replacement, Audio Issue Troubleshooting, Optical DVD Drive Failure Services, Hard Drive Repair and Replacement, Data Recovery, and all other types of upgrades improvements, or computer repairs.

Gaming Desktop Building and RepairWe also are the one stop shop for gamers, video editors, graphic artists, mechanics, engineers, and other science and technology related fields.  I am able to repair many custom gaming machines and other computers that were built for proprietary purposes.  I  can upgrade your system to use multiple monitors and give it more power when you need it.  If you are an online gamer you probably should have me take a look at your system to make it as fast as it can be or solve that annoying lag issue.  Zepps Home Computer Repair also takes on custom desktop design and engineering jobs, if you really want to best system you can buy have an expert build it, don’t buy one blindly just on beefed up specs that don’t really hold up in performance tests.  The absolute most import part of engineering your system is taking in account every aspect of thermodynamics in order to properly cool your machine.  In most cases you do not need a liquid cooling system if your system is built correctly from the ground up. Even if your got your gaming desktop system elsewhere I should still be able to make improvements to it.  Im here to be everyone’s technology expert, give me a call and lets build you a beast!


Brands Serviced:  Acer | ASUS | Dell | Gateway | Lenovo | IBM | Alienware | HP | Compaq | Sony | Gaming Desktops| Intel | AMD