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Virus Removal ServicesA Computer Virus is a program that is specifically designed to infiltrate your computer and to gain access to all your files. Onsite Computer Repair and Virus Removal. Zepps Home Computer Repair Service in Schaumburg is here to help! Computer Virus Infections are a type of a broader definition of malicious programs called malware.  My definition of malware is ANY program legitimate or not that you did not install knowingly or purposely on your computer that affects it negatively. Good IT support solution is always your best defense against malware and needing my virus removal service. I divide malware into several different categories: Trojan Viruses, Computer Worms, Rootkits, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware. Trojan Viruses are malicious code that are hidden in another type of file.  The most common Trojan Viruses are hidden in Screensaver files or picture files.  Best course of action is never to download files from non official websites.  Computer Worms are a type of malware the self replicates itself over in over again. In some cases they fill your hard drive in others they turn you computer into a Zombie machine that sends files to contacts and sometimes anonymous user though your own internet connection. You have seen a worn at work whenever you get a Viagra or ED email in your spam folder.  Rootkits are a much more advanced type of malicious software. They use a mix a polymorphic and hidden stream techniques to trick your Windows Operating System and even Antivirus into believe it is a normal part of your system.  The best written of these type of malware are hardly are even noticeable on an infected system. Ransomware is the most destructive type of program out there.  It takes your files hostage by encrypting them and leaving ransom notes on how to get them back.  I have had success in decryption files that have been affected by this type of Computer Virus. Report this type of malware to  in order to stop these criminals from stealing peoples money and files.

Spyware is a type of malware that records your keystrokes and searches in order to target ads to your computer. Some are more annoying then harmful, but all of them slow your computer considerably. Adware is a type of malware similar to spyware except most of the time it is a program you agreed to download.  You also get targeted ads and this type of computer virus is most known for popup windows.  There are a few other types of malware I haven’t covered but this is a basic introduction into 80% of the malicious programs you can download out there.  No longer does having Anti Virus Protection actually protect you from even half of the malware you can be infected by.  The best course of action are preventive means rather then a retroactive solution like an Antivirus.  I offer services to remove the most horrible of computer infections in most cases without having to wipe your hard drive. With my service I also offer valuable instruction on how to keep your computer as protected from computer viruses as you can be. Even Apple systems are now susceptible to malware infection.  Even apple has admitted this.  No one is safe anymore without proper guidance. I have over 20 years of experience in removing viruses of all types.

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